What a great weekend of racing. In summary, had a ball, didn’t crash & met some new people & saw some wonderfully presented bikes.


The plan for me was to race my CL350 Honda in Period 4 & my latest addition a 1989 FZR600 in New Era. Well, the Honda has just recently had a bottom end rebuild as one of the main bearings on the crankshaft decided to spit one of its bearing casings all through the gearbox. Lucky for me I had decided to change the oil before Pirelli otherwise I would not have known until the bearing disintegrated, “spat it’s balls” so to speak resulting it a major explosion.


Anyway, as I had only just finished putting the motor back in the bike I had not had much of a chance to test it out & it turned out the throttle cable was sticking on one side throwing out the carbi sync which made it run like shit. Had it fixed by Sunday morning & it was fine from there on. Funny thing is that my lap times hardly improved even though the bike was running a lot better. Finished off the weekend in the last race with a great tussle with John Goddard on his 350 BSA. I crossed the line .044 of a second ahead of him ( that’s close racing ). I think we ended up 2 & 3 for the weekend.  


I bought the FZR as purely a track day bike but then heard about this event including New Era & Pre modern so set about modifying it for racing. Had to make a few changes to it after scutineering, lock wire the radiator cap & fit a lower chain guard. Still not sure if historics are normally required to have a chain guard but I think it’s a good idea anyway so I will fit one to my Honda for the “Big Chill” at Stanthorpe in July.  


My Gundy mate Allan “Ashley “ Barter was at his first race meeting & if the pic above is any indication he was having a great time.  Didn’t fair so well late on Saturday afternoon when he crashed his CB125 but luckily the damage to rider & bike was not major.  By the time I started writing this article he tells me she’s almost ready to race next time at Stanthorpe. Al put in some great lap times for his first outing & as they say if you don’t crash every now & then you ain’t trying hard enough. 


Among the great looking bikes I saw over the weekend was James Dwight’s CB350 Honda. James travelled down from Airlie Beach which is a big effort for his first QEMSC outing.


Just to finish off I would like to congratulate Sporty’s on another great event. I'm sure that the Pirelli Masters can grow from this inaugural event & attract more riders in the coming years.