2008 Philip Island Moto GP Historic support race.

Qemsc members tackle wet & wild conditions 


( Ted Hayes )

For some unknown reason I was really looking forward to the trip to Stanthorpe. Maybe because I was bypassing Morgan Park, I will say no more on the subject. I had my trailer and van all loaded on the Thursday night so I could get away early on the Friday morning. I had spent quite a time cleaning
the sidecar. The sun was out when I left Brisbane but by the time I had climbed Cunningham’s Gap it was raining heavily. I had a stop at Fisher Park at the top of the Gap and the poor sidecar looked like it had been in the 74 Brisbane floods.

Stanthorpe BIG CHILL RACES 2008

( Gene Lopeman )

The night was dark and stormy. Yeah, I know you’ve heard that one before. But that’s how it was when I arrived in Stanthorpe on the Friday night. After very low temperatures all through the week I’m sure a lot of people were concerned about rain affecting our weekend of racing. 10 minutes after I arrived it started to rain. Luckily Bobby Glock and Teddy Hayes had already pitched a tent and built a fire. Those sidecar guys know how to rough it.

Warwick sprints

2008 PI Rossis mechanic looking over Joh