In order to be able to compete at our events you need to be a paid up member of our club & either hold a MA license for that calendar year or purchase a one day license for each particular event.

Club membership is due annual on 1st January & currently stands at only $50 per calendar year. Membership applications can now only be done via Ridernet. Click on the link below & once the page loads click on the "Purchase a club membership" & follow the prompts. If you have any issues please contact our club membership officer Grant Jordan 0417 606069.   


If you intend on competing at 6 or more events per year your best option would be to purchase a “Senior National” license from MA  for $329 plus credit card fees ( 2021price ) You will need to produce this license at each event to avoid paying a “one day” license fee. This license will cover you for all open meetings including relevant state & national championship events.

If you only compete a few times each year your best option is to purchase a “Senior one meeting license" for each event at $75 per event ( 2021 fees ) which also includes for state or national championship events.


One Event Licenses have been given the go ahead for Open National Race Meetings. Motorcycling Australia President Ron Kikovich announced that the “Senior National One Event“ license is now available.  

Over 1000 Log Books have been issued by MA to date and at most meetings less than 20% actually participate. With the new freedom to pick and choose up to 3 single national event licenses per year at $75.00 per event plus entry fees, racing has been given a huge boost.