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Membership, Licensing & Log Books:

In order to be able to compete at our events you need to be a paid up member of our club & either hold a MA license for that calendar year or purchase a one meeting license for each particular event. Club membership is due annually on 1st January & currently stands at only $50 per calendar year. Download club membership form

If you intend on competing at 4 or more events per year your best option would be to purchase a “Senior National” license from MQ ( or your other state controlling body ) for $320 ( use the link at bottom of this section )  You will need to produce this license at each event to avoid paying a “one meeting" license fee. This license will cover you for all open meetings including relevant state & national championship events.

Link to Ridernet on line licensing system


If you only compete a few times each year your best cost option is to purchase a “one meeting” license for each event at $75 per event. These licenses are now applicable to both normal club or Interclub events & any state or national title event including the annual Australian Historic Road Race Championship.



Log Book Applications

In order to be able to compete at Historic events across Australia in particularly major events like the FOS, Philip Island, the Australian Historic Road Race Championships & State Championship events you must have a current MA approved log book.

This log book contains details of your machines make & model, a list of major components & pictures of the machine so that the Historic Road Race Commission can make an informed decision as to whether or not your machine complies with the rules for the particular period you wish to race in.

The 2018 MOMS ( Manual of Motorcycle Sport ) contains the General Competition Rules ( GCR’S ) which detail what is compliant & what exclusions exist for each period of racing so you should consult this document before!!!! you commence building or modifying any machine.

Interim Log Book Application form:

Log book application form


The most common reasons for non-issuing of Log Books are :


Number plate colours: The colour of the number plate on the submitted photos must be the correct colour for the capacity of your machine (GCR 10.9.2 ) otherwise your log book will not be approved. Numbers do not have to be fitted.


Chain Guard (aka Shark Fin): A chain guard must be fitted if the exhaust system or swing arm does not shield the rear sprocket (GCR All machines must comply with the Rules under section Frames and Parts ( GCR 10.15 ) in order to have a Log Book issued. This also includes central, rear and side-stands, Traffic Indicators, Headlamp etc.


Photographs: Photographs must be provided, as a clear depiction of the machine. They must be directly side on (not angled), incorporating the entire bike (including wheels), and in sharp focus with an uncluttered background. The photographs must be of the machine “race ready”( numbers are not required ) showing completed work as if the machine was to be presented for Scrutineering. Photographs must be in colour and 6x4 inches in size, or at a minimum print quality resolution (80+ dpi, 400mb+ etc.). For faired bikes, four (4) photographs must be provided, both with fairings off and on – including bottom fairings. For naked machines two photos only are required, the left and right sides of the machine.  Photographs can be provided as printed hard-copy, on a cd or via email.


Lateral engine protection: Now required for Period all periods of Historic Road Racing.

Sections : 10.18 onwards


In order to help you with your build or any general advice we have listed below Period & brand specific contacts that should  be able to assist you with your venture into Historic racing. 

Period 2 solos: Ian Milton, milto.racing@gmail.com

Period 3

Sidecars: Triumph: Ian Milton, milto.racing@gmail.com

Harley Davidson: Gene Lopeman, xlch67@hotmail.com

BSA: Lex Dreier , lexd@hotmail.com

Solos.  Triumph: John Munns, john.munns@bigpond.com Doug Aitchison, dougaitch@bigpond.com  


BSA: Bruce Marston, ma65169@bigpond.net.au Gary Slater, gaz.hel­­_usa@hotmail.com

Period 4

Sidecars: Damien Deane, vincenthrd@live.com.au

Solos: David Vincent, david-vincent@bigpond.com  John Downs, jndowns@hotmail.com

Period 5:

Sidecars: Lindsay Donai: Lindsay@donai.com.au

Solos: Bernie Summers, bummers@internode.on.net  Rex Dell, rux@onthenet.com.au

Period 6:

Solos: Trevor Liversidge, fiddlefx@bigpond.net.au  or Graeme Lawrence, tabler@bigpond.com   

Please note: The current lead time for log book applications can be as much as 8 weeks so please get your application in nice & early before major events. 

MA Historic Log Book Application form

Note: If this link does not work go to www.ma.org.au & click on forms, then Historic Log Book Application Form near the bottom of the page.

MA Historic log book transfer of ownership form




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