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First of all, many thanks from all the sidecar entrants to the organizers of the Top End Road Racing Associatian (TERRA) Darwin 10000 TTC Challenge. Also, many thanks to Rob Deane from Deluxe Freight Systems for transporting the four sidecars entered at the above Race Meeting to Darwin and returned to Brisbane promptly and in good condition.

The nice folks from TERRA made the four sidecar crews feel very welcome to say the least. They had us down for 10 lap races but after some discussion amongst the sidecar crews we spoke to the people from TERRA and they were quite happy to have it reduced to just 5 lap races.

With Rob Glock's Triumph Trident starting to suffer from the extreme heat they permitted us to run the Trident without a fairing. This greatly helped the fuel evaporation problems we were having.

Some local race organizers could learn a little from the people that put on this meeting. These are some quotes from the entry form that I would like to share with you. Payment can be by Cash, Money Order or dead camels. Noise or Whingeing competitors will be flogged. To say that the folks from the Northen Territory are laid back is an understatement. The Scrutineers came to us which saved us a long push there and back because the sidecars were housed in Pit Garages 29 and 30.

The track is well looked after ( they use trucks in the N.T for pulling road trains not racing around good road race tracks) The track is 2.8 Ks with several left handers and a straight that is 1.1 Ks in length. A good time for a bit of a rest for the poor old and much abused sidecar passenger. The entry fees was $350.00 for interstate entrants but we recieved a $200.00 rebate upon sign in on the Thursday. Glocky and I picked up 3rd place and a prize of $100.00. So the entry fee ended up being only $50 if you were lucky enough to pick up a placing.

The less said about the large sums of money handed over a number of bars in Darwin the better. I for one will be going back next year ( I will have to speak to the webmaster David really nice) to see if he would like to do a bit on the side?? ( I can't wait. Dave ) The people, the track and Darwin in the winter time is just great.  

Link to pics

Regards Fighter Pilot Fotheringham

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